On February 6, 2019, Polo Perez sent employees of the SMJUHSD an email explaining how we can access our Employee Portal Account. The portal is an excellent resource for staff members to find Human Resource and payroll related information.  This includes prior month’s pay-stubs, leave activity/balances, W-2 forms, benefit information, and a payroll calculator. This account has become even more important as the District will no longer send periodic printouts of our leave accounts as they did in the past. Please take the time to set up your account sometime in the near future. The attached PDF document is a “How To” that includes a link to create your user account.  Once set-up, you will be able to access your information as often as you would like.
After you click on the Portal link in the attached PDF, be sure to click on “Register as a new user?” to create your account.

A few helpful hints:

1) For your username, be sure to use your school email with the @smjuhsd.org at the end. If your paycheck stub is emailed to your home email address, you will need to use that email as your username.

2) Be sure to type in your date of birth and phone number in the format shown in the PDF.

3) Use your phone number on file with the District Office. This could be your old landline phone number or your cell number.

4) Once you have created your account, during the login process you will be asked to enter a confirmation key. This is for security purposes and can be sent to your cell phone or school email.

5) After you have successfully logged into your account, click on “My Activities” to view the drop down menu.

6) If you have questions, please contact Maria Malkin at ext 4412