Hope everyone had a restful break,

As we return for the second semester, I would like to remind you about two items I addressed in December.

1) FA Social this Friday, January 17th, at 3:30pm at Figueroa Mountain on the corner of Betteravia and College. Drinks and Appetizers will be provided by the FA.

2) CTA Petition – If you are interested in signing the petition, please visit one of the following classrooms during your duty free time (lunch). We are scheduled to return the signed petitions to Andrew Oman on January 16, 2020. Please visit this link for more information.

Delta High School

Please see Lisa Adams

Pioneer Valley High School

Erika Quintana                   – Room 335
Sandra Sylvester                – Room 435
Lisa Walters                       – Room 508
Kelly Davis                        – Room 362
Patty Peinado                     – Room 626

Santa Maria High School

Richard Guiremand         – Room 642
Mary Foley                      – Room 629
Glenn Goldin                  – Room 905
Becky Masuda                – Room 354

Righetti High School

Tracy Davis                        – Room 843
Kevin Barbarick                 – Room 507
Margaret Rucker                – Room 615
Kelley DeBernardi             – Room 505
Mike Emerson                   – Room 847