It has come to the attention of the Faculty Association that it is possible some teachers are feeling pressured into making grade changes for the first semester. We are not making any accusations at this time, but we would like to remind our teachers that you are the only person to determine grades for your students. Although we do understand the District’s desire to pass as many of our students as possible in what was a very difficult semester, the teacher is the only one who can make a decision about accepting late work after the end of a semester and thereby changing a student’s grade. It should go without saying that our teachers worked extremely hard this past semester and went above and beyond in an effort to accommodate students’ late work. Many of us already worked with our students throughout the semester and made decisions about pass/fail grades back on December 17, 2020, and many of us will continue to work with our students who are interested in being successful students. I personally gave my students every opportunity to make up work without penalty and contacted students and parents on almost a weekly basis reminding them to complete all of their work. Unfortunately, for some of us, it may be too late for students who have failed to further complete assignments to earn a passing grade. Retaking the class, OTCR and other options are available for these failing students.

Thank you,
Matt Provost