Yesterday evening, our negotiating team and the District came to an agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to reopen our schools. After numerous conversations and many compromises from both sides, we have a document that we think is fair and acceptable. The MOU is currently in a draft form and will need to be edited and proofread before it is officially signed. While we are waiting to finish up that process, here are some key points in the MOU that I would like to share at this time:

1) School will still start as originally planned on August 10.

2) Three Professional Development (PD) days will be added to the first week of school August 11, 12, 13. We will be paid our daily rate for these three days.

3) August 14 will be an All Staff Work Day.

4) Students will start school on August 17.

5) The bell schedule we will use is attached.

6) With the exception of those asking for accommodations through the Interactive Process, we will work from our school sites the first two weeks of school. Starting on August 24, each week, we will work from our school sites on Monday and one other day of our choice. The other three days we can choose to work from school or home. As a reminder, if you have asked for an accommodation from Kevin Platt, and you have not yet completed the process, you may work from home until the process is completed.

When we have a completed and signed MOU, I will send it to you with more information.

Additionally, the distance learning document sent out by John Davis entitled “Instructional Guidelines and Expectations” was not a part of the negotiations process. The District showed us their draft document and we were asked for our input. There were a few modifications and they took out a few things after our conversation. The final document has a number of additions and was given to us without a conversation.