On Monday, The Faculty Association will be meeting with District Administration. After our meeting, the District will send out an email with an update regarding the school closures. This email should contain answers to many of our questions.
At this time, I am able to confirm that we will be paid during the time that our schools are closed.
Additionally, CalSTRS has put out a statement that we will continue to receive service credit during the school closure.
Continue to check your school email for updated information.


Hopefully everyone saw today’s recent email sent out by the District Office regarding school closure.
Students will not be reporting to school on Monday or Tuesday. The District is asking for “all staff to report to their worksites, as regularly scheduled on Monday, March 16.
If you had scheduled a sub for Monday or Tuesday, be sure to cancel it.
My understanding is that there will NOT be a general staff meeting; however we will receive a communication from our site Administration with more information.
Continue to check your school email regularly.


Hopefully by now you have read both emails from the District Office.
John Davis’ “Instructional Memo” and Kevin Platt’s email titled “SMJUHSD Staff Update!” are full of important information, and I recommend you read them both in their entirety.
Today’s emails from the District Office contained a few key points:

A) SMJUHSD Certificated staff will work remotely March 17–April 3, 2020 and provide voluntary learning opportunities for SMJHSD students through Canvas, Aeries, email, or preferred app so students can access those opportunities.

B) All certificated, classified, and management staff will remain in current paid status while schools are closed March 16-April 3, 2020.

The Faculty Association met with the District Office today to discuss a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) regarding our current school closure. For the most part we are in agreement on many topics, which is evident from the emails sent out by the District Office today. Unfortunately, we did not come to a complete agreement today, but we will meet again tomorrow to iron out a few things and get clarity on a few others (e.g., what does the District mean by “work remotely”, other than work from home?)

I will send out additional information as it becomes available.


We just finished our meeting with the District Office.
Things went very well and we are definitely on the same page.
We are now waiting to see what the Governor says today.
We will meet again tomorrow and make adjustments as necessary.

To answer a few of your questions:

What does “work remotely” mean?
At this time “work remotely” means to work someplace other than your typical work site.
For example, to work at home or to work at the park on your computer.
Please keep in mind that this could change as conditions change.

Can we go to our school sites and work?
Yes, Kevin Platt is fine with teachers working in their classrooms.
Please be sure to practice social distancing.

Continue to check your school email throughout the day.
I will let you know more as I know more.


Today’s meeting with the District Office has been rescheduled for tomorrow.
Therefore, I have no new information to share at this time.