I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this very difficult time. Please find attached the MOU that was agreed to by the SMJUHSD and the SMJUHSDFA. Although every part of this agreement might not be perfect, please know that we spent many hours coming to an agreement that we feel benefits both the District and our bargaining members. For many of our bargaining members, the most important part of this agreement is that we will continue to be paid during the school closure. Additionally, for most of us, this MOU will not change anything we are doing at this time. Continue to contact your students and continue to provide them with enrichment activities.

Although I recommend you read the MOU in its entirety, here are a few key points:

Section 4 of the MOU is probably the most pertinent to most of you:

4) “In the event any District facility must be closed, or any District operations are curtailed due to the coronavirus epidemic, SMJUHSDFA bargaining members will not suffer any loss of pay or benefits provided they are available for duty during regular work hours. During a closure, bargaining members must be available at all times during their regular work hours abstain from alcohol or other substances, and report to work within two (2) hours of notification to perform assigned duties as needed. Employees while working remotely will not be required to use paid sick leave or any other form of paid time off during such an eventuality. It is the expectation that employees will check their staff email multiple times throughout the regular workday hours.”

For those of you who are 65 or older, have underlying health conditions, or have family members in your home who fit into these categories, Section 2 of the MOU is important to you:

2) “For individuals who are at high risk (age 65 or older or underlying health conditions) the

District agrees it will continue to engage in the interactive process to identify any potential reasonable accommodations. Bargaining members are reminded of their duty to do assigned work absent reasonable fears for their health or safety. Should a bargaining member decline to report in person for fear of their health or safety or the health and safety of family members, the issue will be brought to the Human Resources office.”

For the safety and health of us all, if you contract the coronavirus, please inform Kevin Platt at the District Office.

Continue to check your email and I will send you information as I know more.

Thank you for being patient at this time and please keep in mind that things are constantly changing.