As we prepare for the upcoming vote on the Tentative Agreement, we are going to conduct a test of our online voting system. It is important that we have everyone’s correct contact information as it is possible that we could use this system four or five times this school year. We will be using the same emails as last year so the test should go off without too many problems. For many of you, we will use your personal email account that you provided to us last year. If we do not have your personal email, we will use your school email until a personal email is provided. You should receive this test email sometime today from Please add to your email contacts so it does not inadvertently end up in your junk email folder.
If you receive the email from Simply Voting, that means we have your correct contact information and everything is good to go. If you do not receive the email from Simply Voting, please check your junk and spam folders and then let me know so I can work on remedying the situation.