On January 18, 2017, the Executive Board and the elections committee took part in CTA elections training. Information about CTA Chapter elections guidelines and procedure were presented. We also learned about the many benefits of online voting and how many CTA chapters are using this resource. By utilizing the services of a company like Simply Voting, we have the benefit of fully managed online elections run by an outside organization. This will provide a convenient and efficient balloting process that will increase engagement and empower union membership. Simply Voting is one of the CTA approved providers of online voting and we have decided to try their services.
Before running an actual election, we are going to run a test to be sure we have everyone’s correct contact information. For many of you, we will use your personal email account that you have provided to CTA. If we do not have your personal email, we will use your school email until a personal email is provided. You should receive this test email sometime today from vote@simplyvoting.com. Please add vote@simplyvoting.com to your email contacts so it does not inadvertently end up in your junk email folder.
If you receive the email from Simply Voting, that means we have your correct contact information and everything is good to go. If you do not receive the email from Simply Voting, please let me know so I can work on remedying the situation.