Now that we are going to vote for Site Reps, I thought it might be helpful to distribute CTA’s Site Representative job description.
Andrew Oman provided the following information from CTA and has assured me that he will provide training for all of our Site Reps.
Although the description below looks a little overwhelming, I hope it is helpful when considering nominations.

Attends Representative Council and General Membership meetings
Participates in meetings and activities in support of association programs
Discusses important issues and shares the views and input of the bargaining unit members at their site with the Representative Council and/or Executive Board
Serves as the official channel through which communication and publications can be easily transmitted between the association and Site Representatives for distribution to bargaining unit members
Conducts regular meetings to share information to bargaining unit members and to encourage participation in association programs
Maintains association bulletin board at school site
Recruits new members and new leaders
Educates bargaining unit members about their rights
Knows contract/policies/regulations and identifies potential grievances
Knows the grievance procedure of the Contract
Maintains direct contact with members of the Bargaining Team, Grievance Committee, Membership Committee and Organizing Team
Creates, maintains, and initiates association member communication systems, including personal e-mails and phone trees
Uses a “buddy system” to pair up new and “veteran” staff to support one another

Knows who to call for assistance within the association
Contacts new bargaining unit members at the beginning of the school year
Educates unit members about the benefits of belonging to the association
Maintains site unit member contact information and relays that information to Membership Committee Chair