A few weeks ago you should have received a Leave statement in your box. Please be sure to check your Sick/Personal Leave statement for accuracy. If you find any mistakes, please contact Maria Malkin at the District Office at Extension 4412. Also be sure to check your In Lieu time for accuracy. Records of your In-Lieu days are kept at your school site and not at the District Office. Please keep in mind that sick/personal days are billed at 7.25 hours per day or 1.45 hours for each instructional period missed. In lieu days are earned at a rate of .83 hours per In-lieu and you should be charged 4.15 hours for each in Lieu day you take. Additionally, there seems to be some confusion on exactly when to take sick days versus personal days. I am currently working with the District Office to develop a communication to help us decipher the maze of sick/personal day options.

Andrew Oman is busy putting together information he has collected from teachers regarding the “Split Payroll” PERB hearing coming up in May. You might be hearing from him sometime in the near future as he is gathering as much information as is necessary. You can contact Andrew at AOman if you have any questions.

CTA returned our new Bylaws to us in need of a few changes. We have made the necessary changes and have resent the Bylaws back to CTA. After CTA gives the Bylaws their OK, you will receive a copy of the Bylaws. At that time we will schedule a Faculty Association meeting to answer questions and vote on whether to approve the new Bylaws.

The Negotiating team and the Executive Board would like to thank all of you who took the time to complete the negotiations survey. The negotiations team has compiled the results and is ready to Sunshine at the Board meeting tonight, April 11th. The First day of negotiations is scheduled for May 4th.

As the District becomes aware of their need for teachers for the 2017-2018 school year, they have begun the process of sending out transfer notices. If you would like to be considered for a transfer, please be sure to adhere to the deadlines and contact Kevin Platt, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Transfers are covered in your contract in section 5.1.

The Staffing Committee will be meeting soon to consider how best to be sure we have accurate information about all of our members. Although the Faculty Association has a large list of member’s personal emails, it is in no way all inclusive. Many communications within the Faculty Association would be best if we had a list of every member’s personal email. If you are hesitant in giving out your personal email, please consider the possibility of starting a new email account that is only used for Faculty Association purposes. (e.g. gmail) This would allow us to communicate with you outside of school email, without intruding on your personal email account.

Just to clarify any rumors you may have heard, the Faculty Association will continue to hold elections for Department Chairs, Shared Decision Making Committee and School Site Council.

If you have a question or a concern, please contact a member of the Executive Board or a member of the Negotiating Team.