As we finish up the fall semester and head into winter break, we hope everyone has an opportunity to relax and recharge over these next three weeks. Here are a few reminders for when we return in January:

Contract negotiations: Our negotiating team’s next meeting with the District is scheduled for January 24.

Site representatives: A big thank you to all members who participated in the elections process. We look forward to working with the newly elected site representatives (Lisa Adams, Erika Quintana, Sandra Sylvester, Lisa Walters, Lorene Yoshihara, Mary Foley, Richard Guiremand, Kristie Van Horn, Tracy Davis, Kevin Barbarick, Kelley DeBernardi, and Curt Greeley). The first site representative meeting is planned for January 18. For those interested, the certified election results are in the PDF attached to this update.

Know your Weingarten Rights: If you are contacted by Administration to meet regarding any complaint/problem/concern, know that you have a right to request a Union Representative (which is suggested) to accompany you to the meeting. If you go to the meeting not knowing that there is/was an issue, you can stop the meeting and reschedule it with a Union Representative. For help requesting a Union Representative, call Matt Provost (ERHS), Lorene Yoshihara (SMHS), Patricia Peinado (PVHS), or Tanya Guiremand (PVHS).

Wishing you all a restful winter break,

FA Executive Board