The last meeting of the Representative Council was held at a new place in Old Orcutt called The Wine Stone Inn. They were very hospitable to us and we will probably meet there again sometime in the future. The Manager of the Wine Stone Inn is an ex-student in our district and she wanted to offer a Happy Hour for our Teachers.

Please see the attached flyer if you are interested.

FA Social

Last May we had a Faculty Association social and it was a big hit. Therefore, we have decided to have another one on January 17, 2020 to kick of the 2nd semester.

It will be at Figueroa Mountain on the corner of Betteravia and College starting at 3:30pm.

Don’t forget to put it on your calendar. I will send out a reminder when we return to school in January 2020.


It is never too soon to start to plan for retirement. Make sure you are informed about your retirement. Log into your myCalSTRS account, consider meeting with a STRS representative or consider attending a CTA sponsored retirement event.

Why am I mentioning this you ask, four of our members who recently retired, had their income incorrectly reported to STRS and they did not catch the mistake.

Please note that when you teach a sixth class, your income from that extra class is not included as part of your salary for your final STRS calculation. Additionally, stipends for coaching and advising are also NOT included in your final STRS calculation. The STRS paid on this extra income goes into your supplemental account or DBS fund.

District Life Insurance

Are you receiving Life Insurance paid for by the District? How can you tell?  All Certificated employees who are enrolled in the District’s health PLAN should be receiving this free district paid life insurance benefit.

To check, look on your paycheck statement under Employer Contribution Detail for SMJUHSD Life Ins Benefit Fund and SMJUHSD LTD Ins Benefit Fund. If you are part of our District’s Health Insurance Plan you should be receiving this benefit.


Have a great last week of school and have a restful and much deserved vacation.