Welcome Back! I hope you had a great beginning to your second semester.
A lot has happened in the last month or so:

The Executive Board met with the state CTA Intervention Team in December. Since then, you should have received two letters in your home mail: One explaining the reason for the CTA Intervention Team’s involvement with our local association and the other giving you the opportunity to speak with the committee members. The meeting times and dates are listed in the second letter.

Andrew Oman and I will be visiting all the sites in the next few weeks to discuss the recent PERB hearing regarding the “Spilt Payroll”. This concerns the 11th paycheck we received in 2015.
PVHS (Room 626) Jan 17 @ lunch
SMHS (Room 642) Jan 18 @ lunch
Delta (lounge area) Jan 26 @ 11:00
RHS (Room 506) Jan 26 @ lunch

The Elections committee will participate in elections procedures training on January 18th, as required by the CTA Intervention team.

The Faculty Management Council (FMC) will have their first meeting on January 26th. If you have any concerns at your site, please speak with your FMC representative (see attachment for FMC committee members). Just a reminder – the FMC only deals with non-contractual items. Each FMC representative must meet with the principal at his or her site before putting the item on the FMC agenda. Agenda items must also be put on the agenda at least three days prior to the meeting.

The Bylaws Committee is working hard to get the revised Bylaws ready for your approval. Once the new Bylaws are approved, we will have the opportunity to elect Site Representatives.

We have a new Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Kevin Platt. I look forward to working with him.

Thank you to those of you who said you would like to be part of a Faculty Association committee. We were able to accommodate almost everyone who volunteered, and on most committees, we were able to get representation from all of the sites. Please find attached a list of the committees for the SMJUHSDFA.

The Executive Board is in the process of filling the vacated Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary positions. These positions should be finalized soon.