Congratulations on making it through what was probably the toughest year of our careers.
I know it was for me, and I would rather not relive it all in a summary of the past.

So instead, a few things regarding the future:

Fall 2021
The plan for returning to school in the fall is to return to what should be a normal school year. However, as you know, many changes could take place in the next few months, and we will need to continue to take it day by day.

Professional Development
We have agreed to the addition of one additional Professional Development day for next school year, and we are having discussions about the possibility of adding a second day. We will still return to school on August 9, 2021 for our first Professional Development day, and the students will return on Thursday, August 12. These additional Professional Development days are intended to help teachers and students with transitioning back into the classroom, and we will all receive our daily rate of pay for these extra days. When the official changes have been made to our school calendar, I will post it on our FA website.

Negotiations are going well, and our team will meet with the District again on June 25, 2021. If we are able to agree on a Tentative Agreement over the summer, we will hold off on our ratification vote until we return to school on August 9, 2021.

CTA Summer Institute
The 2021 Summer Institute – Home Edition! is provided free of charge to CTA members and will start on July 26, 2021.

Have a restful summer,

Matt Provost