Here are a few things that have been going on the last few weeks.

The Bylaws have been completed by the Bylaw Committee and approved by your Executive Board.
The Bylaws have been sent to CTA to make sure they meet all of CTA’s requirements.
After CTA gives the Bylaws their OK, you will receive a copy of the Bylaws.
At that time we will schedule a Faculty Association meeting to answer questions and vote on whether to approve the new Bylaws.

Some of you have expressed your concerns with AESOP and keeping track of your Personal/Sick Leave. We have asked the District Office to send everyone a copy of their leave statement so you can check it for accuracy. You should receive these statements in the next few days. Be sure to check that you were not charged for time off during your prep periods.
Some of you have expressed your displeasure with navigating the many Personal Necessity options in AESOP, specifically when it comes to taking leave due to the “illness of a family member”. Although the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) does allow for the taking of sick leave in some instances of a serious illness of a family member, most regular illnesses of a family member should be taken as “PN-Acc/Illns Fam/Property”.

The District Office recently posted a transfer opportunity in the Science Department. One teacher did request to transfer, but the transfer was not allowed. The Grievance committee has filed a grievance with the District Office stating this violation of our contract.