As many of you know, the Board has passed Resolution 15-2020-2021, which states that “first semester grades shall be replaced with second semester grades if second semester grades are higher.” This is a violation of Ed code as student grades are determined by the teacher and NOT by School Board members. In an effort to avoid this violation of Ed Code, the Board has allowed for teachers to OPT OUT of this resolution. It is the recommendation of the Executive Board of the SMJUHSDFA that we ALL do exactly that, OPT OUT. After all, what is next, a Board Resolution requiring all students to receive A’s? When will it end? Teachers have been changing students’ grades, when necessary, for decades and we do not need the Board placing mandates on teachers and our students’ grades.

You should receive a form from the District, in your email, on or around May 24 giving you the opportunity to OPT OUT. It is recommended that all teachers OPT OUT of this resolution and make any desired grade changes the old fashioned way, by filling out the appropriate forms at your school sites. Thank you for everything you have been doing throughout this pandemic; it is appreciated by many!

Here is a link to one of my earlier emails explaining the Resolution in a little more detail.

On a happier note, you should receive an additional $1,000 in your May paycheck.

Hope you have a great end of your school year,

Matt Provost