Thank you to everyone who accepted nominations for positions on our SSC/SDM Committees.
Jose Pereyra will be sending out the results by this Friday.

Negotiations – As you already know, negotiations with the District Office have gone to Impasse. Your negotiating team will start mediation on November 26.

Medical Insurance – Some of us have made a change to a different medical insurance plan, effective January 1, 2019. Anthem has started to send out new Medical cards to those of us who have switched to a different plan. Unfortunately, the letter that accompanies the new cards appears to be a little deceiving. I contacted Anthem and they have assured me that our new cards will not be valid until January 1, 2019. You should continue to use your old card and your current plan until December 31, 2018. If you have questions, call Anthem Member Services at 1-877-737-7776.

Have a great Thanksgiving break