Hope you had a great start to your school year.

The Tentative Agreement for the 2017-2018 school year was approved by the Board last night. We should see the pay increase in our September paycheck. The 1% bonus should be part of our October paycheck.

The Negotiating Team has started the process for the upcoming negotiations for 2018-2019. On Monday, September 18th, you will receive an invitation to complete a survey that was generated by the Negotiating Team. Completing the survey should only take a few minutes and the Negotiating Team would appreciate your participation. The survey will come from Simply Voting and will look the same as the ballots we have completed online. The survey will be available from Monday, September 18 at 6:00 AM until Tuesday, Sept 19 at 11:59 PM.

Andrew Oman will be conducting a Student Loan Forgiveness Workshop on November 7th at the CTA office, 2325 Skyway Drive. If you still have student loans you are paying off, you might want to attend this workshop. More detailed information will be coming soon.

Are you being evaluated this school year? Here is the timeline from our current contract. If you are a new teacher to the district, please let me know if you have any questions.

Pre-Observation Conference by October 31st by October 1st
Observations October – April October-February
Final Evaluation by May 1st by February 15th

On our most recent Leave Statements, Moving Days were included in the In Lieu total. Although very few of us have accrued moving days, the District has agreed to show Moving Days separate from In Lieu days on the next Leave Statement.

Did you fill out the Partial Day Leave form last year to be reimbursed for your partial day absences from previous years? If so, you should have seen these partial days credited back to your account on your last Leave Statement.

Don’t forget to complete the Child Abuse Mandated Reporter training by 9/20/17. www.getsafetytrained.com