Hope you had a great start to your school year,

Negotiations – Your Negotiations Team is going back to the tables on October 3.

The negotiators will be holding short meetings at the following sites at lunch (12:30) and after school at 3:10:
• SMHS (Room 354 – Becky Masuda): September 25th
• PVHS (Room 626 – Patty Peinado): September 26th
• ERHS (Room 216 – Tracy Davis): September 27th
• DHS (Break room ): September 27th (during DHS lunch schedule only)
Please mark your calendars and make necessary arrangements to attend one of the meetings.

Observation – Are you being evaluated this school year? Here is the timeline from our current contract. If you are a new teacher to the district, please let me know if you have any questions.

Pre-Observation Conference by October 31st by October 1st
Observations October – April October-February
Final Evaluation by May 1st by February 15th

Medical Insurance – Open enrollment ends on October 5th. If you need to make a change and missed the scheduled make-up day (September 18) at the District Office, please contact Tommie Berry at ext. 4206.

Elections – One of our members who had been holding a position on School Site Council has left the district. We have started the process to hold an election to fill that position. Since we are using Simply Voting to run an election, we will go ahead and run elections to try to fill the other vacant positions at all four school sites. The list of our current School Site Council and Shared Decision Making committees is attached.

Contract – Even though we are working without a contract, we are currently working under the attached contract.

Bylaws – Our current SMJUHSDFA Bylaws are attached for your information.

Mandated Reporter Training must be completed by Friday September 21st. www.getsafetytrained.com

Loan Forgiveness – Andrew Oman has arranged for another Loan Forgiveness workshop. It is scheduled for February 12th. More information to follow.